Rodent Control

Are you plagued with pesky rodents digging holes in your flowerbeds, lawn, and garden? Do you have wildlife eating your flowers and vegetables? Do you need quality rodent control in Modesto? Fortunately, AAI Pest Control can help. We will visit your property and analyze where the animals are getting in and how they’re living. Based on that information, we will develop a program that will remove or eliminate irritating critters and preserve your yard and home.

Ant Control

If you’ve noticed an infestation of ants in your home, it’s possible that you have a nest in or around your house. Ants are generally attracted to dark, damp areas with poor ventilation, though they can settle just about anywhere. AAI Pest Control can help identify problems in your home to eliminate these ants at their source, keeping them from coming back. Call us today if you need peace of mind from ants invading your home.

Get Rid of Pests Once and For All

Call us if you’re looking for an effective and licensed exterminator in Modesto. Our technicians are continually receiving training to stay up on the most current pest control methods used in the industry. We provide the following pest control services:

Annual pest control service agreements: These come with a guarantee that we will do the job right, or come back and do it again at no extra cost.

Termite protection agreements (TPA): We’ll monitor termite activity around your home to ensure its continued protection.

GreenPro services: We offer integrated pest management (IPM) and other GreenPro-certified services if you’d prefer an alternative to traditional pest control solutions. Specialized commercial pest control services: We will service your business with a more customized solution for your needs.